We are startup bankers.

Startup Banking

Corporates hire Investment Bankers to help them with fundraising. We bring these services to Startups and we call it Startup Banking.


We are (former) investment bankers, and learned our trade through working with professional investors throughout Europe. We apply these skills to startups, and support founders who are working on their Seed and Series A funding rounds. We work with great founders from 20 countries in Europe.


We use our experience to help you with your valuation, your financial forecasts, your key metrics, your story towards investors,  and your funding strategy. We help you work on what you should be communicating, and who you should be sharing your story with. This is Investment Banking 3.0.


Amsterdam has always played a central role in European commerce. Building on that tradition, we work from Amsterdam to connect startups and investors from across Europe.

Startup fundraise support

Our team will work on your material. With you, we will work on your valuation, your funding strategy and your narrative towards investors. After your documents meet our criteria, and your metrics are in line with what early stage investors are looking for, we add your offer to our Pitchbook.

Fundraising is a challenging process for all founders. Having an external advisor to support you is invaluable. Let us know how we can help you.

1) Introduction call

2) You & your coach work on your documents

3) We add your deal to our Pitchbook


We work with the best bankers, investors and founders.


We work with Europe’s most active early stage investors. We focus on early stage VC’s, but we also have a large network of angels and family offices.


We are (former) bankers with a passion for startups.


When a startup is ready to reach out to investors, we add the deal to our Pitchbook. Our Pitchbook is a collection of all the deals we are working on.

Investors request our Pitchbook for various reasons. It’s a great filter to find deals that match their criteria, but also to see what is happening in other countries.

If you are (or represent) a professional investor, and you want to be updated by us, please let us know.

Startup intelligence

We work with early stage startups throughout Europe. We have optimised our operations to identify them at a very early stage, when most parties do not pay them any interest.

You won’t find these entrepreneurs in your database, you won’t meet them at your local startup event, but we know who he or she is. We speak with early stage startups from Helsinki to Lisbon and we are building Europe’s greatest database of early stage startups.

We don’t just focus on tomorrow’s winners, we have a longer horizon. Reach out to us and find out what we can do for your organisation.

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